Female owned startup Slate 2 Productions Produce Mental Health Awareness Short Film
Female owned startup Slate 2 Productions Produce Mental Health Awareness Short Film
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Female owned startup Slate 2 Productions Produce Mental Health Awareness Short Film

Two young entrepreneurs aim to produce a Short Film on Mental Health Awareness

Slate 2 Productions, an all-female production company led by Sinomtha Nduna and Miselwa Ngamlana and The Eastern Cape Film Festival a developmental initiative led by Nceba Mqolomba who is also the chairperson of the Eastern Cape Film Forum have partnered to produce “ Eruption “A short film on Mental Health Awareness.

The startup strives to tell stories addressing issues that are normally shun upon in our society, often with a disastrous boomerang effect. The objective is to educate about mental health and to reduce the stigma and discrimination that people with mental illness are often subjected to. 

"As artists, we know more than anyone how mental illness can crush you and make you feel like you're just existing without a purpose. Unintentionally, we often expose ourselves to situations that put us under pressure and end up comparing ourselves to our peers and family members. We believe that the 'cure' to mental health is facing all those loud noises inside your head. Do not avoid them. Scream and allow yourself to breath...just breath."

"We are here to help put the cracks back together again, to learn how to look at ourselves with love and not judgement, to allow our voices to come out and say, 'I don't want to' or ' I don't feel up to it today' without having your heart beat outside your chest. "

Anxiety and depression shouldn't have to be a stigma. Slate 2 Productions want to normalise addressing these issues and facing our pain and our battles without feeling bad about it. They believe that each one of us has a miracle story that can help the next person.  

"Our Film is based on our main character and the voices she hears and how they affect her as someone who is depressed. We want people to be cautious as our actions or words may affect the other person without the knowledge of the cause it might have, (friends. parents, children, peers or strangers.) The film encourages young people to move at their own pace when it comes to their careers and not be pressured by society and family."

The duo entrepreneurs have initiated a Crowd Funding campaign to raise the necessary funds to produce an international award winning short film. The Funds will be used for the three Production Phases (Pre Production, Production and Post Production), this will include all cast, crew, gear hire, locations, catering and transportation costs.

The startup currently seek assistance by one or both of these below options:

1. Individuals, companies, and organisations can make their donation by following the link https://www.backabuddy.co.za/miselwa-ngamlana.  All Contributions will be credited at the end of the film and on all our social media pages.

2. Take a video of yourself saying “Your Mental Health Matters” or a picture of yourself with a sign written “Your Mental Health Matters” and tag them on their social media pages with the following hashtag #yourmentalhealthmatters. 


Slate 2 Productions & Eastern Cape Film Festival 


@slate2productions & @ecfilmfest 


Eruption Production Schedule 

  1. Pre Production: November 2020 - March 2021
  2. Production: April 2021
  3. Post Production: April – May 2021
  4. Film Festival Circuit: May – October 2021
  5. Film Launch October: 2021 Mental Health Awareness Month. 

The film will be freely accessible on completion

For more information you can contact:

Mr Nceba Mqolomba

Festival Director: Eastern Cape Film Festival

Mobile: 064 532 0094/ 083 580 9875 



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